National Councillors' Liaison Officer - Peter McBride

It is often said that the only constant thing in life is change – as a believer in ‘bending is better than breaking’ and following recent changes, I am honoured to have been voted in by my peers as the National Councillors' Liaison Officer (NCLO) until April 2022, in addition to my role of Region 24 National Councillor.

The role of the NCLO covers a number of areas but primarily is all about ensuring effective communication and fellowship – between the Board and all the National Councillors of the 25 41 Club Regions as well as representing Councillors’ views at Board meetings to ensure that together, we all help drive the Association forward and support all Clubs in these challenging times.

National Councillors, like all other Clubs are starting to transition from virtual to in-person meetings and it is so important to rebuild that sense of Fellowship and Friendship between ourselves and with local Clubs.

Sometimes we don’t know what we have until it’s gone – so I will play my part to ensure all of our combined efforts focus on re-establishing those vital connections between the Board, Councillors and Clubs.

I have endeavoured to play my part in contributing to the Connects, Wellbeing and Forward Planning Committees and also helped establish the 41 Club Buddyline service in December 2020 for any member who may be feeling isolated or just wants to chat anonymously to fellow 41 Club volunteer ‘Buddy’. In addition, a Buddies self-help webpage has been set up for anyone to find contact details and descriptions of a range of other Support Organisations who will be able to help members with any personal concerns -

I am married to Chris, have two children and four grandchildren – none of whom laugh at my jokes anymore