National Communications and IT Officer


My role is to promote, encourage and enhance 41 Club by informing its membership by all means possible – newsletters, on-line, printed media, video and presently video conferencing. I am not an I.T. expert – my professional background is banking and law.

When elected to the role of National Comms and I.T. Officer for 3 years at Torquay Conference in April 2019, I was 54 (born in 1964) and a single parent to 3 children; then aged 18, 16 and 13.

I lost my wife, Gaynor, to Breast Cancer in February 2018. We had been together since I was 20 and she 18.

I am still working. I work as a Credit Analyst for an international bank in the City of London. I live in the London suburb of Bromley.

I am a Scout Leader. I am also a Liveryman in two City livery companies (World Traders; and International Bankers). I have other outside interests too.

My proudest achievement in the Round Table Family was re-founding City of London Round Table in 2003-4. In refounding City of London Round Table we ultimately re-vitalised our 41 Club too.

My 41 Club is the London Old Tablers' Society ("LOTS") - which was established in April 1939, and was one of the 4 clubs which founded "41 Club" in May 1945.

I joined Round Table in 1989 as a 25 year old. I was a member of Beckenham 104, Chester 76, and City of London 13. I was Chairman of Beckenham RT104 in 1998-99, Area Chairman of Area 26 in 2000-01, and Re-Founding Chairman of City of London RT13 in 2004-5.

I was President of City of London RT13 in 2013-14 and again in 2017-18.

I joined 41 Club in 2005 or so as a joint member. I was Chairman of the London Old Tablers’ Society in 2012-13; and Chairman of the 41 Club European Capitals Meeting 2019, in London.